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Gas to H2O Smoker Grill

By Bradley


"IT's A GAS"

This is a neat idea that works for us. No warranty is expressed or implied. Use your best judgment for what works for you. If something here doesn't seem to apply to your grill, use your imagination or e-mail us on CIS 73362,2223.


Thinking about purchasing a H2O Smoker to complete your patio collection of cooking devices? Already have a gas grill?

Before you lay out more cash (and take up more space) for that smoker, consider this simple conversion technique that will allow your existing gas grill to pull double duty as an H2O smoker.

A COUPLE OF NOTES before we begin.

For this technique to work for you: Your gas grill must have at least one full size warming rack above main grill area, your gas venturi system must be clean so that your flames will burn efficiently and evenly at the lowest possible settings.


Here's all you do:

1. For smoke, select a few good small pieces of wood of your preferred smoke (mesquite, hickory, etc.) and soak the wood thoroughly in water at least 2 hours prior to cooking.

2. Take the wood out of water and wrap in heavy duty aluminum foil in an elongated shape, perforating the foil with two holes in each end the size of pencil holes. Do not place any holes in the top of the foil - this will cause the wood to flame (we don't want flames here, we want slow smoke).

3. Remove your cooking grates and place wood wrapped in foil directly above your flame, or on your lava rocks, etc.

4. Replace the cooking grates.

5. Place a large and fairly deep (at least 1/2 inch deep) rectangular shaped oven pan (preferable almost as big as the cooking surface on your grill), like a deep cookie pan, on the grates and fill almost up to the top with water. Mix spices into the water. We like to use part of our brisket marinade in the water. We also like to put cut up onions and garlic powder in the water.

6. Place your meat on the warming rack. If you have two warming racks, place the meat on the rack immediately above the water.

7. Light the fire and go for it!!! The desired temperature is hot enough to create good steam from the H2O, but cool enough to prevent boiling. On my grill, I turn on all burners, but at the lowest possible setting.

8. While smoking watch the water level and replenish as needed. You'll have to replenish fairly often.

9. Smoke as you would on any H2O smoker.

CAUTION: When you're finished, be EXTREMELY careful with the foil, the wood can smolder for hours. Before discarding, allow to burn out thoroughly on your grill or immerse thoroughly in water to ensure that he wood is not burning in the foil.


For me, I keep my baby backs on about 4 hours and my briskets about 5 hours.

With your flame on low, low, you will be surprised at how little gas is used.

Hope you all enjoy this.

Bless us oh lord, for these gifts which we are about to receive, from thy bounty, through Christ our Lord. Amen. Visit Hickory Works!

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