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Best Grill - a tutorial

Recipe by: A few

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You know... asking someone what's "best" is a really difficult question to answer when it comes to just about anything. You will get so many opinions that most of the time you will just buy what seems to be a name brand at a reasonable price no matter what it may be. If I were to ask you what is the best car to buy, what would you say and why? The same goes for grills! You probably found this page by searching for "BEST GRILL" right? If things go good with this site I mgiht be able to afford one of the super Weber grills so I can tell you all about it!

Generally speaking you get what you pay for (if you are lucky). Obviously if you are going to store your grill uncovered out in the weather I wouldn't put a lot of money out and just get a basic Charbroil or Thermos model. There are Char Broil models now that offer a drop in tray so you can use charcoal. Nifty!

All in all, shop for what looks best, with a long WARRANTY. I have owned Thermos and Char Broil as well as Sears models (which are made by the lowest bidder to put the Sears name on) over the years. No problem with getting replacement parts and warranty coverage is an 800 number call away. As long as you are shopping for a grill why don't you pick up an instant read digital meat thermometer?

Many larger stores are offering free assembly. Some grills take nothing more than jamming the legs together.

Below are some very informative archived messages.

To : Tom Milton, 71341,3607 6/14/96 1:20 AM
From : Kevin Withers/CA, 72510,2627 #686527
PMFJI, but when someone asks about gas vs. charcoal grilling, I have to jump up
on my soapbox... <g>
Being an avid mesquite charcoal user, I think charcoal grills have it all over
gas grills, especially when it comes to the taste of food (which is why we
grill in the first place, right?). Despite the design of the gas grill, you
are still using gas as the fuel, and that gas will impart a certain amount of
"flavor" to the food. Others on this forum will disagree with me on the flavor
part of the gas vs charcoal argument (Hi, Overton! <G>), but I know I can sure
taste the difference.

On the matter of convenience, it's pretty much a wash - each has its plusses
and minuses. If you use a chimney starter, charcoal burns down and is ready to
cook with in a short period of time. However, with charcoal grills you've got
to fool with messy charcoal and it's accompanying sparks and ash. OTOH, with
gas grills, you'll have to hassle with cleaning and replacing components
periodically that you wouldn't have to fool with on a charcoal grill. And if
your grill is not directly connected to a gas line, you'll have the hassle of
periodically removing the gas tank and taking it somewhere to be refilled.

With some gas grills, you can't get the heat low enough for indirect cooking,
which is _real_ BBQing, as opposed to grilling, which is cooking directly over
the heat source. With a charcoal BBQ, you can BBQ a large cut of meat, a whole
chicken or turkey, etc. for hours at 180 to 210 degrees - this gives you
maximum tenderness and juiciness with a rich Smokey flavor imparted by the


After scouring the most popular sites that give CONSUMER OPINIONS from the barbecue battlefield, it appears that the is the hands down winner. Look at the AMAZON listing and chose one of the many variations. of the WEBER GENESIS SILVER B ! The barbecue front line is reporting that even though this unit is a bit pricey, it's well worth it for many reasons including very fast heat up time and great flavor from the pit. Please  let me know how you like yours! It seems that 36,000 btu is plenty of fire to get the job done.

The Internet is loaded with advice. One of the best things to check THIS GOOGLE NEWSGROUP out.

If you decide to get a charcoal BBQ, you might try using mesquite charcoal as
your main fuel. Get the better stuff - a few years ago I started using
mesquite chunk charcoal that I buy in 40lb bags from a local restaurant supply
house. I love the stuff. It's much higher quality than the mesquite chunk
charcoal you get in the grocery stores - it makes the food taste better and
there is less ash produced. In fact, you can even smell the difference in the
smoke it produces - it's a richer, mellower aroma which results in a richer,
mellower flavor imparted to the food. It's cheaper, also - I pay $14 per 40lb
bag. You can sometimes find it at feed stores, too.

One of the reasons (besides versatility of use and taste of the meat) that I
like a charcoal grill is the same reason why gas grill aficionados don't like
one - you have to build a fire. It takes a few minutes for charcoal to get
hot. I enjoy the wait - to me, it's part of what makes grilling so relaxing.
There's something therapeutic about sitting in front of a crackling mesquite
fire, sipping on a drink, watching the sun go down while the strains from your
favorite CD drift dreamily out of an open window towards the patio. I find it
_very_ relaxing. In a way, it reminds me of other places... eating grilled
fish on the beach at sunset, with a line of pelicans swooping low over the
waves... camping out in the mountains, sitting around the campfire, enjoying
some great grilled steaks after a long hike... Perhaps there's something
primitive that's still there within us; something that responds to the flames
and smell of a fire, or the sound of waves breaking on the shore. It's as much
the _experience_ as it is the results that makes charcoal grilling what it is.

If the taste of your food is important, use a charcoal grill. If time is more
important, stop by Burger King on the way home and get a "flame broiled
Whopper" instead. <G>

The Weber "kettle" type of charcoal BBQ is probably the most popular model in
the country. I use a similar type made by Kingsford - it's got a real slick
ash bucket in the bottom that makes cleaning a 10 second job.
Ok, I'm off my soapbox now. <g>


Forum: Cooks Online Section: Outdoor Cooking
Subj: Good Barbecue

From : Michael P. Burwen,

Go for it. I bought a Genesis 1000 two years ago, having owned two gas
barbecues prior to that. It is worth every penny of its cost. My brother in
law has a professional custom built barbecue he paid $2000 for, and it isn't
any better than the Weber (although you could almost do a whole side of beef on
it). The parts and materials are the best available. They simply don't
corrode like those on the cheaper makes. The burners are the most important
part of a gas barbecue. You have to replace the burners on the cheap models
every couple of years, and in any event they leave cold spots on the cooking
surface and don't heat evenly. No such problems with the Weber. <edit>

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