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Grill Of The Moment


Bride & Groom 2007

By: Mike Harmon

View Larger Map">TOLEDO OHIO USA

I recently relocated to Toledo from Maumee. I'm a proud HOME OWNER!


Back in or around 1990, my local ISP gave a small amount of space for people who wanted to have a personal web page. Being the experimental one, I decided to put some of my interests along with a couple of recipes.

For the recipes I wanted but didn't have, I asked friends to email them to me or find them for me. My one or two recipes turned out to be about a whole page of just about EVERYTHING. All in all though, the top interest I had was BARBECUING.

When I built the page I had found a free page counter so I could see just how many people came to visit and where they came from. Things got a little crazy in my life for a while and I didn' t do much with the page for months or maybe even a year or so. When I went to the recipe page to see if it was still there, the page counter had what I thought was some OTHER sites statistics listed! What I understand now as "spidered", my page had been found by several thousands of people from AMERICA to ZIMBABWE! I was dumbfounded!

So, here we are with a totally new design of the site I thought to put up for fun a few years ago. I wanted to be able to publish what I want and such so I purchased a hosting account to play with. We even have the possibility of some cash flow to pay for the host and such. HOW NICE!!

About my QUEING-
Before I graduated high school I was the grill king at home with Mom and Dad. They went to great lengths to make sure I had plenty to do to keep me out of trouble. Buying a top of the line Kenmore gas grill was all it took for me to take over the cooking duties. Dad loved Sears! I still have the repair manual for the grill that is dated 1974. The grill has never required one replacement part and works as good today as it did when we first put a tank of Hank Hill on it. I guess when you build things to last it's not always a good idea as CHARMGLOW, the manufacturer for Sears Kenmore, has been sourced out to a forgien country for many years. I can remember on The Price Is Right, Charmglow was THE prize to have. Too bad. Fear not though! The Weber Company has saved the day! No matter what brand name grill you have the principal is the same for cooking! Do you drive one make car much different than another?
Home Depot sells grills using the name CHARMGLOW but the grills are made by BRINKMAN! I got this information directly FROM: Jeff Usrey Customer Service The Brinkmann Corp. 800-527-0717


I get visitors looking for CHARMGLOW recipes every once in a while as well as WEBER recipes. Unless a recipe calls for some special apparatus, I can't think of any reason the recipes I have stocked in the recipe pit won't work for you. If you are looking for WEBER repair parts, my Amazon store could probably find them for you. I'll try and do some research on the parts problem.

Some may argue...
If you found my site you probably searched for a certain term or cut right? I have no doubt you will come across hard core Barbecuer's saying that grilling is grilling (especially when we talk propane grilling), and true BARBECUING is done over an open all natural fire with charcoal. I say that no matter what causes the fire, you are BARBECUING while you are grilling! The important thing is that you are having fun and are making memories of a lifetime grilling or Queing! HAVE FUN!!! Mike

Speaking of memories.... I don't quite remember Dad and I posing for this photo but I can tell ya I sure look like I love the big guy! Photo circa 1961.


In Memory of Frank A Harmon SR.
November 5th 1928 - February 20th 1994

Bless us oh lord, for these gifts which we are about to receive, from thy bounty, through Christ our Lord. Amen. Visit Hickory Works!

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Email me and tell me if you like my barbecue recipe site!
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